50 Years of Blue Skies

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Is it a semi-centennial? Or a demi-centennial? Or maybe a hemi-centennial?

Whatever it is, it’s Blue Skies 50 and it’s coming up fast. In 2023 we’ll be celebrating 50 years of Blue Skies and we’re not going to let that slip by quietly. Time to raise a hoopla.

New 50 Years book and film

We’re talking about a Blue Skies 50th book and, if circumstances allow, a new Blue Skies film. A few other notions have been bounced around too. If we’re going to make this all happen, we’ll need your help. We need your memories, stories, works of art, photos, poems, random musings, energy, cha cha cha. In these bizarre times, wouldn’t it be nice to add a Blue Skies focus to your life?


We need volunteers to assist with the various projects. If you have the time – and ideas – we’d love to have you join us on this wonderful project.

If you can help, have any submissions for the new book or want any further information, please e-mail them to: 50years@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca

Let’s get together and make the Blue Skies 50 shine!


25th Blue Skies Archives CD

25th Blue Skies Archives CD

The CD, a composite of audioscapes from the Blue Skies Archives, which was included in the 'Nothing But Blue Skies' book originally printed in 1998 is now available to listen to online.

Listen to the CD…



Re-print of the 25th Anniversary book “Nothing But Blue Skies”

All Sold Out!

25th Anniversary Book CoverIf you didn’t get a Blue Skies 25th Anniversary book the first time, or if you want another copy, we have reprinted the original book ‘Nothing But Blue Skies’. With new printing methods, the photo reproduction is of a higher quality than the original printing.

It would make a great gift for someone you know who would love a copy!



The cost of each book is $25, paid in advance. If you would like your order shipped to you, there is an additional fee of $7 per book to cover mailing. (All prices include taxes.)

There are two ways to pay – e-transfer or send payment via Canada Post.

E-transfer payments are sent to bookorders@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca

We need you to send an email to bookorders@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca as well – listing your name, address, phone number, email address and number of books you are ordering. Include your e-transfer confirmation number in the email.

Special Note: Blue Skies has set up auto-deposit so no password is required. Some banks do not allow auto-deposit. In that case, send an email to bookorders@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca and a password will be sent to you.

Payment by Canada Post: Please be aware we only accept certified cheques, bank drafts or money orders. Download the pre-order form and follow the directions.


Delivery will only be by pickup in Ottawa or via Canada Post, at a charge of $7.00 per book.


50 years of music and community


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