A Bit About Accessibility at Blue Skies

The Blue Skies philosophy is about being inclusive and improving access, while continuing to respect the rugged nature of the festival land.

Blue Skies is a very special experience, and we want to share it with as many folks as we can. We do our best to make sure that people of all ages and abilities enjoy our little slice of magic. Our organizers participate in ongoing training to assist those with special needs.

The Terrain

We love that Blue Skies sits on a piece of Canadian Shield; but as soft and cuddly as we all are, the land is hard and unwieldy. The roads and paths are hilly and unpaved and accessible parking and camping spots are limited. The facilities, such as they are, are rustic (to say the least.)

Limited Water and Electricity

Both water and electricity are seriously limited -- outhouses, no hot water, no electricity for personal use. To charge medical devices, such as CPAP machines, the recycling area has a few outlets available. Please bring a portable charging device which doesn't require plugging in.

Please respect the outlets for medical needs.

Certified Service Animals

While generally dogs are not welcome at Blue Skies, we do welcome certified service animals. If you plan on attending with a service animal, we request that you notify us by email before the festival and register the service animal upon arrival at the front gate.

Admission Fee for Support People

Blue Skies charges support people the same admission fees as other festival goers. We have both a regular ticket and a subsidized ticket price.


We try very hard to accommodate those needing special parking areas. Our accessible parking is about 80 metres from inner parking and the same distance again to the stage area. It is across from the Gatehouse. For very special circumstances, we can sometimes put vehicles in the inner lot however, this is rare. If you arrive at the festival and require accessible parking, let a Parking Volunteer know and they will do their best to accommodate you. Before you come, please check the website and contact us at accessibility@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca with any questions related to accessibility for attendees with disabilities or different ability.

We will return your email as soon as we can, it is not monitored on a daily basis.

Accessibility Committee

Please contact us at accessibility@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca with questions or feedback related to issues of accessibility. There is also information and a place to leave suggestions on site during the festival at the Info Booth. We welcome any input as we work within the rural reality of the Blue Skies festival site to make it a safe and wonderful experience for all.

We are in the process of updating our Accessibility policy. Stay tuned.

Let's make Blue Skies as good as it can be for as many people as we can.


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