What you need to know

The Terrain

The terrain is rugged Canadian-shield; please consider this if you have mobility issues. We want Blue Skies to be accessible to all, regardless of ability, however, accessible parking and camping is extremely limited. Please consider this if you have mobility issues. Contact accessibility@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca before the festival if you have any questions or concerns about getting around on the festival site.


Most campers use tents, the smaller the better. Camping spots are not reserved and fill up as folks arrive. We encourage campers to bring tents, but we have limited space available for camper vans and small trailers (under 18’ length). We cannot accommodate larger RV’s. If you come with a trailer or camper van, please bring a tent, just in case we are completely out of camper van/trailer space.

No Dogs Allowed

No dogs on site. Please do not bring them. Plan now.

Certified service animals are welcome. If you plan on attending with a service animal, we request that you notify us by email before the festival and register the service animal upon arrival at the front gate.


All the water at Blue Skies comes from a single well. We have good drinking water, but it’s not a limitless supply. Please supplement this supply by bringing water from home in refillable containers.

Please be frugal with your water usage.

No charging of cell phones, iPods, tablets, or other e-devices

We have no place to charge your e-devices. If you need to be in touch with someone offsite, come with your phone charged and leave it off most of the time. We have a limited supply of power and it’s more important for kids to have popsicles and for us to have a music festival than for campers to improve their score in Flappy Bird. Leave the web for a while and engage in a real Blue Skies conversation with your neighbours.

We encourage you to turn-off and tune-in to live music at Blue Skies.

Volunteering at Blue Skies

Blue Skies operates entirely by volunteers.

During the festival we need many volunteers to keep the magic happening. There are sign-up boards at the Info Booth and three Volunteer Coordinators roaming the site to help you find a place to pitch in.

Make this the year to Volunteer!

Info Booth

This is info central for Blue Skies. Wander over to the info booth and our friendly volunteers will be glad to lend a hand. This is the place to go if you happen to need to find members of the Security team in the wee hours of the night. Here you'll also find the volunteer sign up boards, mailing list, festival programs, the lost and found and lots more.

Come say Hi!

Need Assistance or need to ask a Question?

People wearing a 2022 Blue Skies t-shirt that’s a different colour than yours are either part of the organizing committee or are on the security team. If you need assistance, they will be able to help you.

Tell your kids about them!

First Aid

Up at the top of the hill, beside the Info Booth. We hope you’ll never need to visit, but we’re here just in case. We are not a medical clinic, but we can offer first aid support for minor injuries and ailments, with a dose of TLC, and help support folks with bigger concerns get the help they need.

We are open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For after-hours emergencies, locate security (wearing distinctive Blue Skies t-shirts around the site, and always present at the Gate) to contact first aid support. For emergencies, call 911 and contact security. The Blue Skies road address is 2439 Clarendon Road.

We remind people to bring all of their regular medications, including Epi-pens if they have anaphylactic allergies.

Taking Care of the Land

Blue Skies is proud of how, for over 49 years now, we’ve left as small a mark as we can on this beautiful piece of the Canadian landscape. We’ve done this together by always treading very lightly and being extra attentive to the little things – picking up after ourselves, keeping our campsites and the Hill clean, and not leaving anything behind when we leave. That means anything from bottle caps and cigarette butts to worn out lawn chairs or tents/tarps.

Please help us keep the site as gorgeous for the next 50 years as it is now.

Shhh … Quiet Area

The quiet camping area is between the stage and gate house (Sleepy Hollow). Here we request no noise and/or boisterous singing – quiet conversation and soft music are welcome. The communal fire pit nearest the stage will accommodate late night revellers. But quiet area or not, remember – your neighbour will be a happier camper after some sleep. In case of dispute, we reserve the right to determine what constitutes noise at any site.

The Loos

Blue Skies' outhouses are known throughout the civilized world as the sweetest and most hygienic loos ever!

Please help us maintain these high standards by:

  • using the "one poop, one scoop method" that is: one scoop of the provided sawdust
  • closing the lid once you are done. It helps the loo vent properly and makes tomorrow’s visit so much more pleasant-ish
  • not putting anything down the hole with a half-life longer than a week, for example, beer cans, sanitary products, baby wipes, underwear (yes you read correctly...)
  • being kind to your neighbours and quietly closing the loo door behind you
  • giving your loo cleaning volunteer a shout out when you see them at work and volunteering for a sanitation shift


We all know there are many people on site. Tents are packed tightly together, people sprawled on the hill listening to music, individuals standing and chatting. Everyone having a great time… but… we do have to think of safety.

Blue Skies is determined to continue in the spirit of communal responsibility, with no plastic police tape, no snow fences and as few posted rules as possible. Please keep clear pathways through your campsite area. Help encourage your neighbour to do the same. There must be clear access to every camping area for emergency vehicles.

The same applies on the concert hill. Keep the paths clear of chairs and blankets, sleeping children and grandparents. It’s awfully dark on the hill! People could step on you! Just something to think about to make your whole Blue Skies experience a special and safe one.


A lot of care and concern goes into organizing the festival for your enjoyment and the organizers are always concerned with substance abuse.

Please remember:

  • Alcohol is not sold on site and is restricted to what you bring.
  • Glass bottles are not allowed on the hill.
  • If you are found possessing or selling illegal drugs, you will be escorted from the site and you will not be welcomed back.
  • Do not ignore the sale of illegal substances – tell someone wearing one of the special colour Blue Skies T-shirts.


If you smoke, please be mindful of where your smoke is wafting. If you must smoke during a concert, workshop, etc., move to the down-wind periphery.

There is no smoking in the Audience area or the Kid’s play area.


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