Blue Skies 25th Year Archives CD

This is a wonderful musical collage of audioscapes from Blue Skies concerts, workshops and campfire jams from the CD which was included in the 'Nothing But Blue Skies' book originally printed in 1998.


Just select the song you want to listen to from the playlist and press the PLAY button.

  • 01 O'Canada
  • 02 Blue Skies All The Day Long
  • 03 Feeling Fine
  • 04 Red, Red, Robin
  • 05 Roger James & Reverend Ken
  • 06 It Ain't Sheik To Be A Seik
  • 07 I Saw The Light
  • 08 MC Announcements
  • 09 Love For Some People
  • 10 Swing Low, Sweet Chariots
  • 11 Beep Beep
  • 12 The Boss Is Coming For Dinner
  • 13 Wooden Wheels In Hagarsville
  • 14 Eating Worms
  • 15 Square Dancing
  • 16 Drummers
  • 17 Struggle For Peace
  • 18 MC Magoo
  • 19 Summertime
  • 20 Instrumental
  • 21 Improvisation


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