Blue Skies Music Festival

Performers Lineup - 2018


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7:30 Sherman Downey
8:30 Siqiniup Qilauta – Sunsdrum
9:30 Treasa Levasseur
10:30 Rueben deGroot and Rocket Surgery


3:00 Bill Bourne
4:00 Square Dancing


7:00 >Fruiting Bodies
8:00 Miguel de Armas Quartet
9:00 Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage
10:00 Les Rats d'Swompe
11:00 Flávia Nascimento


3:00 Blue Skies Fiddle Orchestra
4:00 Square Dancing


7:00 Blue Skies Choir
7:30 Blue Skies Drums
7:45 Les Royal Pickles
8:45 Turkwaz
9:45 Julian Taylor
10:45 Kalàscima
11:45 The Urban Highlanders
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